CNC Structural Processing Center

PythonX is the robotic CNC plasma cutting system that has revolutionized structural steel fabrication. More than a machine, PythonX has created a NEW STANDARD in the way you think about running a fabrication shop. It’s the marriage of advanced CNC robotics to high-definition plasma cutting, equipped with software so sophisticated it programs cuts by itself.

CNC Plate Processing

The Combirex DX gantry cutting machine is designed to meet the needs of job shops and manufacturers of all sizes and delivers high-performance machine for quality production cutting.


Metal Forming

CNC Machining

Northwest Industries, Inc. was founded with one driving principle: to provide superior metal fabrication services by using state of the art technology.

Our results speak for themselves with world class quality plate and structural metal fabrication in each and every job completed.

We have over 45,000 square feet of fabrication area and 3,000 square feet of office space.

The diversity of our capabilities allows us to excel in producing large production runs of custom metal fabrication as well as lower quantities or even prototypes.

From saws, breaks and machine tools to various CNC machines we have the technology to build your product!


Our experience, knowledge and good old fashioned know how means we will build and assemble your product to perfection.

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Our facility is conveniently located in Russellville, Alabama, just minutes from U.S. Highway 43  and Alabama State Route 24. We are approximately 75 miles from Huntsville, AL and 22 miles from Florence, AL.